Moorabbin and Yarra Aviation Medicals

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Moorabbin and Yarra Aviation Medicals is based at the Highway Medical Centre in Cheltenham and at the Yarra Medical and Cosmetic Centre in South Yarra.
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Basic Information for pilots.

Initial Class 1 medical (professional pilots).

All medicals are now done online with the examining doctor entering the data directly to CASA onto your own CASA password-protected medical notes which are identified by your ARN (Aviation Reference Number).

1.           Before starting your medical you must have an ARN obtained from CASA.

              Fill in Form 1162 and send it to CASA together with acceptable ID.

              If you do not have an ARN you cannot start the medical.

              You should have a working email address to contact CASA.

              To correct your contact details email [email protected] or

              update your details on the CASA Self Service system.

2.           You have to start the process of your aviation medical by answering online medical questions on the CASA MRS (medical record system). (Click on the red link).

The initial Class 1 medical includes a blood test for Total Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Triglyceride and fasting blood sugar. An ECG trace (heart test) is also required.

Any GP can arrange for these tests before you come for your medical but you must bring the printed results and the ECG trace with you. You can have these tests ordered by a GP at the Highway Medical Centre or the Yarra Medical & Cosmetic Centre if you make an appointment a week before your aviation medical. Tell the GP exactly what tests are required. The aviation medical examiner can also arrange to have the tests at the time of your medical but this will cause a delay. The hearing test (audiogram) is done by the examining doctor.

The examining doctor will upload all the data onto your online medical notes.

3.           You will also have to arrange a separate special eye test with an aviation eye examiner (DAO) or a credentialed optometrist (CO).

This is arranged by you independently. You search for a DAO or CO on the CASA website.

Search for a DAME DAO or CO

Just set the search to the whole state VIC and click to get all the examiners in the state.

4.           Be prepared to do a urine test when you come for your medical.

Do not drink coffee beforehand as it puts your blood pressure up!

Coffee may also cause the ECG to look abnormal.

5.            You also have to pay CASA a fee of $75 to process the medical certificate.

The MRS leads you to a payment section after you have answered all the questions.

6.             IMPORTANT  After answering all the questions make sure you have completed all the questions, checked the small checkbox concerning medical tests, and clicked the "Submit Medical History" button.  Failure to do this will prevent the doctor being able to proceed.

Class 1 renewal medicals may or may not require special tests or specialist reports depending on your age and any medical conditions you may have.

 Class 2 (private pilots)

You have to start the process of your aviation medical by answering online medical questions on the CASA MRS (medical record system). (Click on the red link). Class 2 medicals do not normally require special tests. Don't forget to click "Submit Medical History" at the end.


1297 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham VIC
657 Chapel Street South Yarra VIC 3141